About Us

#TulsiShakti is an initiative by India Positive Citizen.

Our vision is for every Indian home to have a Tulsi plant contributing to the
wellness of every family member.

#TulsiShakti is an initiative by India Positive Citizen.

The vision of India Positive Citizen founded by Savitha Rao is to invite every Indian to do one action, once a week, every week. Building a great nation one India Positive action at a time.
A visit to IIT-Mumbai for an environment project inspired our founder Savitha Rao to explore the health benefits of Tulsi. As she started to use it in her life and experienced the shakti of Tulsi, she started sharing it with people around her – family, friends, security staff. They too found improvement in their health. She was convinced it is a powerful yet practical, accessible and affordable way to enable enhanced immunity and wellness for millions of Indians.

Tulsi Shakti is powered by a committed group of Indians from across India. People from different walks of life on a mission to make possible Tulsi enabled wellness in every Indian home by inspiring and empowering a people driven movement.


Savitha Rao

Savitha Rao is the founder and author of India Positive Citizen. After a stint in international marketing she explored the textile crafts of India and sustainability.

She has worked with people from over 15 countries. Her creative ideas have catalyzed change in her neighborhood and nation. Loves traveling, reading and writing. Meditation and yoga power her day.

Sudha Sharma

An IIM Calcutta alumni and experienced Media and Government Affairs professional with 21 years of proven expertise in managing complex communication strategies and navigating the intricate landscape of
government affairs.

Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of media relations, public policy and political dynamics – she has successfully executed numerous high stake campaigns, collaborated with key stakeholders and effectively communicated complex issues to diverse audiences.

She has travelled extensively within India , USA , UK , South East Asia and Middle East. She has been part of India-UK and India-UAE bilateral trade forums.


Raghav – is a security professional with a leaning for Indic knowledge system and is a strong proponent for resuscitating ancient Indian culture, traditions and practices. He is a powerhouse of positivity.


Raashi Sharma

Raashi Sharma is a young entrepreneur who is the driving force behind Digitalks, a one-stop-shop focused on the delivery of digital and brand experiences.

After completing her MA in Luxury brand management, and a major in Marketing she
noticed a gap in the Indian market, for customized digital services which are effective yet affordable. She believes in giving back to society. And lives that credo.

Satyam Kushwaha (Retd)

Wing Commander Satyam Kushwaha (Retd) – After serving India in the Air Force he now serves the nation in many ways. Awarded by Chief of Air Staff and Chief of Integrated Defence Staff for pioneering innovations in Geo-Intelligence Analysis. A defense expert specializing in national security, space and geo spatial matters, he is now an Entrepreneur working on cutting edge technology. He is engaged in nation building and social service through his think tank KRANTII. His interests include travelling, photography, graphology and music.

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