India Positive Citizen

It’s about doing one India Positive action once a week, every week.

What does being an #IndiaPositiveCitizen mean?

It’s about doing ONE India Positive action. ONCE a week. EVERY week.This isn’t about 100 people getting together.

This is about what YOU can do. Start the journey. Build a glorious nation one action at a time.From the richest person to the most impoverished individual – each of us has something of value that we can bring forth in the service of the nation – time/money/expertise/effort/material resources. If you are reading this you have 2 or more of these resources with which you can make a difference.This is NOT about diversity of actions.

This is all about consistency of action. It’s about being present to the opportunity to make a positive difference to the world around you with a minimum of one action once a week or every week.

One India Positive Citizen = 52 India Positive actions in a year1 billion India Positive Citizens = 52 billion potential IndiaPositive actions in a year

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, put out your first positive step and walk on …Together, let’s build India into the nation that is ‘Sare Jahan Se Accha’.