Tulsi is an aromatic shrub in the basil family Lamiaceae (tribe ocimeae). It was recognized and revered in ancient India thousands of years ago as the Queen of Herbs.
Rituals in our culture honor the therapeutic and spiritual aspects of this powerful herb.
As a science of life and the world’s oldest medical system, Ayurveda has a holistic approach to health and disease that focuses on preserving and promoting good health and preventing disease through healthy lifestyle practices. These practices include consumption of fresh, seasonal, minimally processed foods, detoxification practices and regular intake of herbs that enhance the body’s capacity to maintain balance in the midst of a variety of external stress factors – physical and psychological.

Today we are in a world where in addition to Covid we are faced with Air Pollution, water, soil, and land are polluted, food with traces of pesticide, processed foods with chemicals, stress, chronic lifestyle diseases.
Emerging research on Tulsi confirms and reinforces ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, that Tulsi is a tonic for the body, mind, and spirit that offers solutions to many modern-day health problems. Tulsi is also said to bring positive energy to space where it is planted. In addition to health benefits, you can add positive vibes to your home, workplace, public area by planting Tulsi.
Tulsi is widely available, easy to grow, and low cost. It offers a powerful solution for improving individual and public health. A living pharmacy in your home.
Bring the Shakti of Tulsi into your life. Grow a Tulsi plant at home. Add a few leaves to your water or chai several times a week to imbibe the life-enhancing goodness of
this miracle herb.

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