Tulsi, a wellness Shakti for your Chowkidar

Every building – residential, office has security guards who stand all day near the gates. Even without a pandemic they face the daily exposure to air pollution, which is as deadly as Covid.

Sometimes more so because chronic exposure to air pollution impacts overall immunity and opens the doors to many ailments ranging from cough to COPD to cancer.

Besides increased air pollution (due to proximity to roads) there is high level of noise pollution, which impacts the body adversely over a period of time.

Tulsi offers a wide array of health benefits – especially for the respiratory system, boosting overall immunity, anti oxidant properties, stress reduction, moderating blood sugar and many more.

Please share the health benefits of Tulsi with your security guards. Encourage them to get a plant at home.
The response of the security team in our office building as been excellent. They are now taking it daily. They feel happy and empowered that they now have a simple way to take care of the health of their family members.

In your office and residential building gift a range of Tulsi plants to the security team. A small amount for the priceless gift of good health for the people who diligently protect our well-being.

In addition to health benefits Tulsi plants contribute positive energy to the space.
Having multiple Tulsi plants in various spots in the building will raise the energy, which will help everyone who is in the vicinity.

Do your good karma of gifting Tulsi plants to your security guards. Mail us your story with images at shakti@tulsishakti.com . Selected stories may be featured in our social media pages.

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