Gift Tulsi. Gift Health

The healing power of the ‘Queen of Herbs’ Tulsi was recognized thousands of years ago in Ayurveda. Science is today awakening to the power of Tulsi.

Covid has shown mankind that we cannot anymore live the illusion of separation. We need to take care of each other.  That is how we will progress as a country and as humanity.

Tulsi holds enormous potential for individual and public health.  Share the benefits of Tulsi with people you know.  In many cases it’s not about buying a plant and gifting. It is about caring enough to share information.

Some communities and demographics in India do intake leaves regularly. But many don’t.  The tradition is more alive with the older generation. Nuclear families, people in urban areas, many demographics have some awareness of the power of Tulsi. But never knew how to add it to their daily living.

Many homes have a Tulsi plant. But they don’t consume the leaves. Those who don’t have a plant can easily buy one locally. Tulsi is one of the most widely accessible herbs in India.  All you need to do is to add a few leaves to your chai or drinking water. It is as simple as that. No time, effort involved.

Use the posters in our downloads section to share digitally or print and post in your residence/office notice boards. This will inform, inspire and empower people to enhance their wellness with a Tulsi plant at home and regular consumption of leaves.

When you connect with family/ friends – ask/remind them to have Tulsi few times a week. Your caring gesture will go a long way in building healthy habits that will help them and the entire family.

Health is the greatest wealth. That is what you will be gifting them when you gift them the Shakti of Tulsi.

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