Tulsi Shakti to Delhi Police

Every nation has days and places it considers special. 26 Jan is our Republic Day. A day we celebrate our nation and our armed forces. Across India and the world millions of Indians tune in to witness the celebrations. The Red Fort has significance for every Indian. Even for those who haven’t visited it yet.

On 26 Jan 2021 a group of paid goons masquerading as farmers did the
unthinkable. They ran amok on the streets of Delhi. And then tried to do
everything possible to provoke the Delhi Police who then did the unimaginable. They responded with courage and restraint. In doing so they defused the elaborate plan of a global cabal to malign India.

This inspired Savitha Rao, Founder of India Positive Citizen to communicate
appreciation to the brave men and women of Delhi Police. She got cloth banners made on which citizens from Mumbai wrote their #MannKiBaat. People from other cities and countries sent in their messages of appreciation. Which were handwritten on cloth by volunteers. The end result were a range of vibrant, colorful banners with messages of Indians from every walk of life. Serving soldiers, veterans, senior citizens, students, professionals, home-makers – all shared their thoughts on cloth. It was a wonderful experience for the citizens – all were happy to participate in this first-of-its-kind initiative. See the messages at https://bit.ly/3fG4vyf .

India Positive Citizen is itself a first of its kind movement. The vision is to invite every Indian to do one action, once a week, every week. One person can do 52 actions in a year. One crore of us can potentially do 52 crore actions in a year. Transforming our community and country with mindful actions.

Along with the banners 26 Tulsi saplings and posters were gifted to Delhi Police. Police personnel in every location have enhanced exposed to air pollution. Stress, irregular meals is part of their daily routine. Delhi besides being the capital of the country is often the air pollution capital of the country. Team Tulsi
Shakti requested Delhi police to share the saplings and the posters to their
various police stations to raise awareness of the many benefits of regular consumption of Tulsi.

We request our readers to connect with the local police station in your location. Share with them about Tulsi Shakti. You can access a high-resolution print file from our downloads section. Gift laminated copy of the poster and a sapling. A
small step that can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of police personnel.

Share your Tulsi Shakti initiative with your local police on social media with
You can email us your actions done at shakti@tulsishakti.com . Selected stories
will be featured on our social media pages and blog.

Download your Tulsi Shakti posters from https://tulsishakti.com/downloads/

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